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Fair Haven Fitness is pleased to offer Body Bronze Spray Tanning, done by Meghan Matta. 

Body Bronze products were founded in 2002, by a dermatologist and skin cancer survivor. It provides an exclusive sunless tanning line to aestheticians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and Fair Haven Fitness! They are a results-driven company and advocate for safe tanning and beautiful skin. Body Bronze products are Rated #1 by dermatologists. 


THEIR GOAL: Consistently formulate the BEST and most effective sunless tanning products in the world and raise skin cancer awareness in people of all ages. We want to demonstrate there is a healthy alternative to having a beautiful, natural-looking skin tone through sunless tanning.


OUR MISSION: Change the way people tan

OUR PASSION: Making people look and feel better and providing the      best sunless tan results

OUR PRODUCTS: All of the products are Paraben free, Gluten Free and Vegan and Cosmeceutical grade

Spray-Tanning Rate:

Full Body for $45

(Cash only, please!)

To make sure your tan is perfect and lasts as long as possible, it is important to follow these instructions:

Do not wear any moisturizers the day of your spray tan.

Shower before you come and exfoliate/shave.

Scrub your arm pits as well, so you don't have any deodorant residue. 

Do not wear any make up to your appointment.

Bring loose fitting clothing to wear after.

You can wear a bathing suit or go naked, whatever you feel most comfortable with. (Teens must wear bottoms).

Be prepared to relax after and not sweat, because sweating can wash away the tan.

you will sleep with your tan and shower in the morning.

You will be left with your beautiful tan that will last, on average, 2 weeks! 


Go to Body Bronze Spray Tanning At Fair Haven Fitness, on Facebook, To View My Happy Customers and Their Beautiful Tans

Call ot Text Meghan to book your spray tan


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